Abuse of biased sympathy of society and judiciary towards women

  • I am technologically and financially capable of having and using such an electronic device which took me out this case, but what about poor or elderly people?
  • It was wise of me to do the recording, but what about people who, unaware of such scenarios, get into such cases unprepared?
  • What about planned attack by women or gang to extort money?
  • A group of people brought a woman to the police station claiming she was a thief. Suddenly, the people who brought her in, starting making excuses to leave, exactly a few minutes later an elderly couple with a lawyer entered the station and claimed the police officer forcefully brought her daughter to the station to molest her! Later, the police out of fear had to pay 2 lakhs in return of dropping this framed allegation!
  • A lawyer himself was troubled by a woman of similar false charges and ultimately had to hire more lawyer to get out such a situation after a lot of hassle.
  • A man was falsely charged with molestation but luckily he had his video camera of a relatively small mobile device (iPhone 5s) turned on in his chest pocket!




Backend Developer. Fitness Enthusiast.Learner. http://souvikhaldar.info

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Souvik Haldar

Souvik Haldar

Backend Developer. Fitness Enthusiast.Learner. http://souvikhaldar.info

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