It should be trivial to understand by now that privacy and anonymity are absolute musts in the current age of everything being on the Internet, from bank/school documents to personal photos to social media.
Also, being on the Tor network, unlocks the world of the Dark web to be explored, which is bigger than all the websites a common person might have visited in a lifetime, called the surface web.
Tor, The Onion Routing project, is the pioneer of freedom in the world of the Internet. Tor can be used to

Defend yourself against tracking and surveillance. Circumvent censorship


In markdown files, you can insert an image by writing ![alt text](/path/to/image), but doing this task manually is quite cumbersome. Let me state the manual steps first to make you understand why this is cumbersome.
1. Take a screenshot
2. Save it at the proper location
3. Mention the image in the markdown using the above-mentioned syntax, i.e![]()

Now, I wanted to complete all the above steps in the least number of keystrokes, in one step! Let me explain how I did it, then I’ll also explain what challenges I faced in the meanwhile. All the steps were performed on…


Latex is a powerful way of writing technical documentation, or probably any document at all. The best feature of Latex is that all you need to worry about writing a document is the content, the design, the citation, the reference, etc is all taken care of by the latex.

There are many ways to go about writing a latex file, but I’m very very comfortable with writing anything on the computer with vim. I absolutely love vim for any kind of editing task. That’s why whenever possible I try to use vim for writing or use vim key emulation when…


vim is definitely the best (IMHO) editor for editing any kind of text on the computer and git for maintaining versions. While working with git it is quite often the case that conflicts happen while merging or rebasing branches, but unfortunately I did not get any convenient way to resolve the conflicts. In situations like these, I used to resort to vscode which had a great intuitive way of doing the same. Here, I'm glad to say that I've finally achieved vscode level of intuitiveness and comfort, in vim <3. Follow along to know-how.


Resolve the conflict arising out of…

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The idea of taking breaks during study time had been primarily preached under wrong or less understood concepts of science. Mostly the impression of taking breaks has been repeatedly related to the aspect of reduction of pressure on the brain, not getting too obsessed or lifting of mental pressure. Although these aspects are definitely helpful, what if I tell you that by taking breaks during study can actually help you understand concepts better than studying for long hours straight? Once I can convince you on that, I’ll provide a battle-tested approach of how to do it in the best possible…

The culture of remote work or work from home (WFH) is not new (especially in the technology sector), I’ve been working remotely for about 2+ years now; and with the current condition of global pandemic (due to COVID-19), every sector of work seems to be moving remote! This is not a productivity or luxury factor anymore, it is the need of the hour!

Photo by Jeroen den Otter on Unsplash

With this, an exciting range of opportunities has come up for both the companies and the applicants. Let’s see how:

Now companies can hire the best talent from all over the world and are no more restricted by any geographical barrier. On the other hand, applicants can apply for jobs which are not available in their vicinity and explore a wide range of opportunities from across the globe!

But this has introduced several challenges as well:

  1. As the market for searching talent becomes worldwide, companies now have a wider range of talent to pick from, hence only the people who…

We are currently in a very sad yet interesting time.

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Why is it Sad?

It is sad because a novel virus, currently named coronavirus, has caused a pandemic worldwide in the form of disease named COVID-19. It originated from China, arguably by eating bats, which has now spread into 150+ countries and almost entire earth is in a state of lockdown to prevent its spread as it is highly contagious and humans are the carriers!

Why is it interesting?

It is interesting because this state of lockdown has presented us with a lot of opportunities to:

  1. Take a pause and reflect on our journey of life till date

It’s been a case of conflict, confusion and shame mixed into one when it comes to talking about feminism.

Our society holds various opinions, stereotypes, stigma and bias when we talk about women rights. Some support it by saying that women have been long denied rights and now we should empower them to achieve equality. On the other hand, some say women are being provided with more than adequate privileges on many spheres, leading to misuse of the power, killing of meritocracy and unfairness. Well, to be honest, I believe there is never black or white, it’s always grey. …

Lately, I wanted to buy a Linux laptop, because of various reasons. Although I had a Raspberry Pi 3 which is running Raspbian OS (Debian based) but its ARM-based, hence I wanted a dedicated laptop. For buying a new laptop my criteria were:

  • Should have at least Intel i3 processor
  • Should be cheap
  • Should be running DOS by default (didn’t want to pay for Windows which I’ll ultimately remove only)
  • should have a decent screen
  • should be compact

All of my criteria were met by this Lenovo v130 laptop. It is the cheapest laptop from Lenovo having i3 7th processor…

As Cal Newport in his famous book Deep Work says, in this era where competition has become global (thanks to the internet), only those people will survive the race who have the capability to work in the state of Flow (also called Deep Work). 90 minutes of Deep Work > 180 minutes of working with a distracted mind, plus there are lots of downsides with having to context switch while working on something, the primary one being Attention Residue.

One of the primary ways to achieve the state of flow is to optimize the environment in which we work.
After lots…

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